Smart Component suggestions

msalminenmsalminen Finland ✭✭

Here my notices and suggestions for smart components. I put them all into word doc. Please open it.





  • msalminenmsalminen Finland ✭✭
    Some more suggestions.

    - New basic smart component: LIFO-Queue component

    - Posibility to add components directly in Design tab to the position where the mouse is


  • AndersJAndersJ Sweden mod
    Hi Mika,

    Thanks for the valuable feedback! We will add this to the wish list for upcoming releases!

  • msalminenmsalminen Finland ✭✭
    Hi, some more suggestions,

    Duoring simulation the Design tabs scrollbars are disabled.

    Can scrollbars be enabled and so it would be easier to follow parameter changes during simulation. This will help debuging.


    Also if digital signals connection lines will change colors (e.g green/gray) according the state during simulation will help to follow what's going on...


    Can dynamic properties be grouped and in property dialog the group could be expanded/collabsed. Like now there is one group for properties and one group for signals. Also now property shows the property name, better if you can define some other string to be shown, which might be more clear. The unit shown now is very good.


    New basic memory/register component would be good. I mean component that can hold property value and can be changes only with some condition active, like separate digital input should be on to allow the value be changed.


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