Path groups

me and some of my customers would like to be able to group several paths in one group.

For example, a program for grinding of one part consists of seven paths. A program for another part consists of ten paths, etc. Now you get a lot of paths belonging to different products in the same tree. It would be nice to place all paths for each part in one group "catalog".

Then you create a new path now it adds to the and of the path tree, you get a mix of different products, sometimes you need to create different stations to be able to keep track on this. And then you need to have f.ex 50 stations (one per product). If I need to make a small change in all of them then I have a problem.

Thank you!



  • Anders SAnders S Sweden mod

    Hi Sergej,
    I agree that it would be good to be able to "group" paths in the browser. We have discussed this, and it is on our "whish list" for future releases.
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