Why is the smart component SIMITConnection shared memory interface cycle time update so low ?

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I'm very new to this forum. I started to develop a few days ago, an application to behave as SIMIT in order use the SIMITConnection shared memory. It is full working, but I notice that while in SIMIT I can have refresh rates as low as 1 ms, in RobotStudio v2019.5 I only have aprox. 1 refresh per second. This refresh updates can not be used in VIBN !

Can some one please help me ? Where in RobotStudio can I change the refresh rate to at least 10ms ?

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  • DenisFR
    DenisFR FRANCE ✭✭✭
    I never used this SM, but have you got these times when Simulation is Running or Stopped?
  • rf_iasys
    rf_iasys Montijo
    Hello Denis,

    Thank you for your replay. These almost 1 sec scan time is constant, independently from the simulation running status. I have programmed a SIMITConnection server console app and another to behave as the SIMITConnection smart component. When both are running I can have real time data transfer speeds, but when I connect my server with robotstudio SIMITConnection smart component, them the scan times drops as I refer.

    If I could I would send you these app's I develop for your testing (help) but I can not attach .exe files here, so I send you my mail, in case you are interested to know more. [email protected]

    I have been working in IA for the last 26 years, as programmer, company owner and developing simulation environments, mainly for my own use.

    My immediate objective is to develop I/O connection from robotstudio/robotguide to WinMOD (I've done it already to PLCSIMAdvance and CODESYS, yeah, I know no such big deal.) 

    I have found your Sharp7 just briliant. Congratulations.

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  • Hi, just came over this thread. We are currentyl trying to connect Simit, ABB RobotStudio and Game4Automation. Everything works so far but as mentioned above cycle time between ABBRobotStudio is about 1s, what is to much for smooth movements. Simit can update the SHM in 1ms why is ABBRobotStudio updating so slow. Is there any way to change the update rate and make it faster?

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  • Hello guys,

    Apparently there's a difference in refresh rate when having simulation started and not.

    Take a look at this entry in the RobotStudio manual:

    Hope this information helps!

    Maxim Riabichev
    PC Software Support Engineer