Bug in RW 6.04 regarding different tools and tcp presentation and usage

Hello, does anyone else has problems with Yumi smart grippers in RobotStudio. RS is presenting same tool with two different orientations at the same time regardless of tool choice in RS settings, as you can see in attachment. Also persistent problem with position configuration, if you try to use different TCPs in same path you will get bunch of config errors.. I hope someone will take a look at there issues. Thanks.


  • IzaRIzaR Poland

    I think you have enabled View Tool On target -> in this case it is Vaccum, and at the same time you have enabled View Robot at Target, the solution is to uncheck the first option

    See, I did the same in this picture:

  • Thanks a lot for your suggestion!
  • soupsoup USA ✭✭✭
    I'm having the same issue. Shouldn't both the tool and robot with the tool be exactly the same?
  • IzaRIzaR Poland
    That is only a view option, you can choose to view only the tool on target or the whole robot with separetly choosen tool.
  • soupsoup USA ✭✭✭
    Why would they ever be different -- as long as the target is reachable, the tool-only option should match the robot-with-tool option. When they don't match, which one do I trust will be correct in real life? Am I missing something here? I don't remember this bug/issue/feature from older RobotStudio releases -- even with the same simulation, I can't get it do do the same behavior in 5.15...
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