Door Function and adjacent sensor

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Hello Forums

I am making a door function on a "CNC" that turns a Shaft/Aksel, then a robot picks it up and places it on a pallet.

I have made the door/CNC as a Mechanism so it can slide open or shut.
I've placed a Plane sensor so I can set boundaries for the robot when its allowed or not, to pick up the Shaft inside the CNC.

I have tried setting it up as I believe it should be and working, but offcourse it doesnt :)

I have linked a couple of pictures so you can see what i mean.
I hope that someone can help me or bring me directions :smile: 

Sincerly Mark

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  • mark457b
    mark457b Denmark
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    Sturner : 
    I've tested the diCloseDoor and diOpenDoor manually on my SC_CNCv2 while running simulation and they work probably when doing that.
    Im thinking it might be the Output that are causing the problems.