Jog mechanism in RobotStudio VR during simulation - issue


I am doing project to my thesis and I found serious problem during this process.
During simulation, I can't jog mechanism, there is no jog option on my cube in left hand.
I have tried to deal with it on different computers and also different version of RobotStudio 2019, creating station with only robot, switch between oculus rift S and oculus rift cv1.
I have got RTX 2080 with 32 Gb of Ram, so hardware probably is not the problem, it makes me thing, that is global change in your concept of VR or I can't find way to release this option.
That option was available before, on Youtube it is clear to see option Jog in your presentations, So how for example it is now possible to Jog/Move EStop mechanism during simulation ? Maybe there is another way to create mechanism that u can jog in VR ?
I just want to remark that there is no problem to jog mechanism when we are in pause or stop mode in simulation, but there is no signal update until we click play button. I put video on Youtube from this problem, so it maybe helps you.

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