Ethernet/IP Connection between Allen Bradley PLC and IRC5


I would like help in establishing connection between AB ControlLogix PLC and IRC5 controller. I have read the Application manual for Ethernet/IP Scanner/Adapter, Technical Reference Manuals and browsed different websites, forums etc.  and still have issues trying to establish connection between the devices.
The IRC5 has '841-1 Ethernet/IP Scanner/Adapter' option installed. AB Ethernet card 1756-ENBT/A is connected to LAN3(X5) port on the IRC5 controller. I intend to use the PLC as scanner and IRC5 as adapter.

IP addresses:
Service Port(X2):

In RobotStudio:
Communications->Industrial Network, added EthernetIP adapter network.
Communications->Ethernet/IP Internal Device, already present EtherNet/IP Internal Safety Adapter Device, Connection IO size: 8 bytes, Safety Enabled.

In PLC, added Generic Ethernet Module:
Comm Format: SINT
Input Assembly Instance: 100
Input Size: 8 (8-bit)
Output Assembly Instance: 112
Output Size: 8 (8-bit)
Configuration Assembly Instance: 1
Configuration Size: 0

When I go online with the PLC, the status for this module just shows "Waiting".
The other thing I tried is install the enip.eds and enip_cip_safety.eds files and add these in PLC's IO tree but it shows the same status as "Waiting".

If anyone has any guiding instructions, please let me know.


  • DenisFRDenisFR FRANCE ✭✭✭
    AFAIK, You can't have the Service port and LAN (neither WAN) connected in the same switch.
    They seems to use the same MAC address.
    Change your LAN3 and PLC to be in the subnet.
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