Guard Stop State

Hi everyone, 
Recently I've been working on a IRB4400, irc5 with safe move and multitasking, and yesterday, to be exactly, the robot would go on stop guard state, in Auto and Manual mode.
While I was testing the path in manual mode, the controller would go on stop guard state even though I kept pressing the the enable device. And, during auto mode, it did the same, I started the program and in the middle of the program and almost at the end of the program, the controller entered in guard stop state and I had to press again the ON/OFF motor button to continue the program. And the flexpendant doesn't show any alarm it just goes from motors on to guard state.
I hope you could help me out with this.



  • graemepaulingraemepaulin New Zealand ✭✭✭
    Did you check the error log, as there should be notifications.
    This sounds like it could be SafeMove seeing an issue - is it setup and in use?
  • HChavezHChavez Mexico
    The event log didn't show anything and I have't configure any SafeMove condition, at all.
  • HChavezHChavez Mexico
    I got it, 

    the safe move 1 was configured in Synchronization time at 120s, so every 2 minutes the system was on "operation" would ask me for a software sync and the log showed me that I had to do a synchronization. I just adjust the time between each software sync and it hadn't stop.

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