predicted collision

We have a Multimove system with 3 IRB1200 robots.
There are multiple defined zones inside the robotcel to predict collision.
Now we want for a new product that one robot pick a product from another robot.
Because the grippers are also defined as a zone, we get an predicted collision error.
It is possible to switch off the predicted collision detection with a Rapid command?
Or is there a better solution?


  • Maxim RiabichevMaxim Riabichev Sweden admin
    edited September 22
    Hello there,

    A couple of points:

    1) There is a system input signal "Collision avoidance" which can be manipulated via Rapid to disable/enable CA.

    2) In RW6.11 there's a Rapid instruction "IsCollFree" which might be of use to you if you use RW6.11.

    3) R&D has received multiple requests recently for dynamically removing parts of the station from Collision Avoidance and ways to handle predicted collisions without a system halt.

    4) You could contact your local ABB contact and ask them to add you as a supporter of these feature implementations. The case is called "PDD11239 - Collision Avoidance improvements" in our systems (they will know what to do with this information).

    Hope this information is helpful.

    Maxim Riabichev
    PC Software Support Engineer
  • bart_Nikobart_Niko Belgium
    thanks, that is very helpful information. I'll try to implement it.

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