Robot track motion

Blixat Hønefoss
Hey all robot enthusiasts :smile:

I have some questions when it comes to robot and track motion. 

q1: The track is set as eax_a, in the robot target, but how can i choose to run the robot without interacting with the track ? I want to have a picking sequence on the robot that does not care where the track is.
But as I understand it, the two systems have now become one, but I want to be able to manipulate it together and separately.

q2: How to proceed if you want to connect a worobject in relation to the track?

q3: Is there a command that allows you to move the tarck and lock TCP as long as the robot is in range ? (Same opportunity as you have working in a robot studio)

Principle layout for the project:

Appreciate all the feedback and all the tips and tricks that you may have when it comes to track motion :smile:


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