oll out standardized Safe I/O signals

daniel72 Germany
edited November 2020 in RobotStudio
I created the safe-signals once in the I / O configurator, now I would like to copy this configuration to all other robots and then only adjust the source / destination address
sc_eio.cfg in BACKUP/Backinfo contains the Safe signals but how do I get them into another robot?

the I / O configurator should also have an export function for saving the signals that have just been created



  • DenisFR
    DenisFR FRANCE ✭✭✭
    You can save your configuration as an xml file then open it on other robot.
  • daniel72
    daniel72 Germany
    edited December 2020
    Loading the SafeMove.xml of another robot only works if the robots are similar in terms of the options (external Axis) and is not recommended by ABB. According to ABB's answer, it works like this: Just configure the signals only and protect them as protected elements and save them as template.xml. Now the template can be read in on all other robots with "ImportProtected Elements"