External axis error

1a2091u Czech Republic
hello Everyone
I am trying to create an external axis for irb5500 paint robot.We ll buy it from ABB but in the library there is not enough long axis to put in similation.I need 15 meters so I tried to create one.After that I've installed external axis wizard.But I see " Could not load type 'RobotStudio.Services.RobApi.RobConfigurationExtensionMethods' from assembly 'RobotStudio.Services.RobApi.Desktop, Version=20.4.9280.0, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null'." this error.I am using Robot Studio 2020 and installed Externel Axis wizard 2020.1.
I tried every Motor Unit while setting up the system.Also How can I decide to which motor unit will be selected? 

Can anyone help me to solve it?


  • 1a2091u
    1a2091u Czech Republic

      Hi again
       I waited but I guess nobody has encountered an error like I had. I've found a solution for this.Maybe It would be useful for someones.If u 'll use ABB's own eleveted rail and encountered a problem about the lenght of trailer,
    first select a trailer seize randomly then create a system directly.After system created, from save parameters button,save all parameters as "moc.cfg"  file. Edit "moc.cfg" file with notepad or etc, 

            -upper_joint_bound 13.23 -lower_joint_bound -0.23\
            -upper_joint_bound_max 15 -lower_joint_bound_min -0.23

    change first line desirably.After saving load "moc.cfg"  file to the your system.Then warmstart.
    Then for the cad side, copy desirable amount of rail

  • JHID
    To add your own custom length in increments of 0.5 meters.
    1. Locate file '....\ABB Library\Tracks\LibraryTypes.xml'
    2. Find the following line... '<Attribute caption="Track length (m)" name="length" items="2;3;3.5;4;4.5;5;5.5;6... ' 
    3. Add in your desired length, but it must be in increments of 0.5m