New 3d mouse behavior

The updates to the 3d mouse behavior when from being really good in version 2021.2 to horrible in version 2021.3
Can you please change back to the old behavior.


  • Hello!

    I use a SpaceMouse Pro from 3DConnexion and my experience is the exact opposite of yours.

    Could you be more specific regarding what you find horrible?


    Maxim Riabichev
    PC Software Support Engineer
  • Maxim Riabichev
    edited December 2021
    By the way, have you seen the release notes for 2021.3, mentioning the changes to the 3D mice?

    Could this be of use for you perhaps?

    Maxim Riabichev
    PC Software Support Engineer
  • Hi Maxim

    Yes I have looked through the release notes and it is precisely that change that is responsible for my experience. Even if I check the sideways rotation off, I feel like everything is flying around.
    I have the same settings on my 3Dconnection mouse.

    Before the rotation around the station felt more controlled.

    True, it is "better" in the sense that it behaves just like any other CAD program, but I really enjoyed how the "old" robotstudio did it.

    I will try to make a youtube video off it, that i can share.
  • Okay, I have now tried to disable the sidewise rotation option and I see what you mean.

    The reason this was implemented is because we've received requests from several customers/users to "unlock full 3D mouse functionality".

    I will speak to R&D and see if there's perhaps some kind of checkbox in options which could be added to re-enable the limited 3D mouse functionality that you are asking for.

    Maxim Riabichev
    PC Software Support Engineer
  • A checkbox for old functionality would be nice. Hopefully I will learn to get more control soon, otherwise I would like to change back to old version. 

    A collegue of mine showed me a tip: make a ”view center” macro on one of the buttons on the 3D mouse.
    Swedish freelance ABB robot programmer
  • Another tip is to double-click the objects you want to orbit in the menu on the left.

    My own take on this issue: I learned to use the 3D mouse in a CAD software, so for me the way RS used to implement the 3D mouse functionality was somewhat infuriating.
    Furthermore, in the release notes there was a statement saying that RS had full support for the 6DoF mouse while in reality: a) one of the axes was hard locked, b) it was impossible to freely orbit around objects, and c) all buttons on the mouse didn't work.

    In my opinion, the current implementation unlocks the full potential of the hardware, something I think all software should.

    TL:DR: In 2021.3 the mouse was finally let out of its cage! :)

    Maxim Riabichev
    PC Software Support Engineer
  • kkNielsen
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    TL:DR: In 2021.3 the mouse was finally let out of its cage! :)
    I know the function to orbit the selected parts, however now i have to make a lot of corrections when rotating. Before i could just let it rotate around the z axis and it would not disturb the other axis.
    Would it be possible to get the hardlock on that one axis again and be able to cage the mouse alittle ;) ??
  • I must say that i completely agree with kkNielsen. 
    I have not learned to use a 3D mouse in a CAD environment (my background is robot programming), but I have really appreciated the 3D mouse. What I find with the new behaviour is that is:

    1. Different
    2. It's a bit disturbing that I cannot get it to pan/orbit in the same way using the space mouse as with ctrl/shift. I have the space mouse in my office, but not always with me when using RobotStudio. Therefore it is even harder to use the space mouse when the behaviour is different.

    I would much appreciate a check box to be able to use the space mouse in the old behaviour.
  • We had a nightmare with this change but found if you turn off the left and right tilt setting in the 3Dconnexion setting, then select front or rear view in studio to get the station straight and level, then close studio and reopen it the the space mouse operates the way it used to.