5.08 and dual core?


Does any one know if 5.08 works on a daul core processor yet?

Thanks, Russell


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  • DaBotDaBot United States
    I just finished setting it up on a Dell Precision M90 Intel:Dual Core.  It works quite well. The only issue I have is that it seems slower calculating configurations at times. Other than that everything runs fine. 
  • dh_custompakdh_custompak United States
    My dual core still does not work with robot studio 5.08, it crashes constantly, I am guessing they are going to fix it in the next release I hope image you can get it working correctly by turning off the dual core feature in bios
  • bertiltbertilt Sweden

    RS 5.08 has been successfully tested on dual core. However, RS is not yet optimized for dual core, so there is no performance advantage at this time. We will work on this for the 5.10 release.

    Bert Thorvaldsson
    Product Manager, RobotStudio

    Bertil Thorvaldsson
    Product Manager, Software Products
    ABB Robotics
  • dh_custompakdh_custompak United States

    Do you mean 5.09? or is there a new version of 5.08 because my rs 5.08 crashes when you try and load it having the dual core on or will not load the controller.


    dh_custompak2010-05-30 04:41:30
  • DaBotDaBot United States
    I am using the 5.08 downloaded the day they released it.  I am sure that until they address the utilization of dual/quad-core issue there will be problems with some systems.  I do not believe 5.09 has been released yet.
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