OPC Tutorial

soupsoup USA ✭✭✭
I have a faint memory of an OPC tutorial where it showed how to connect and display the event logs of a system...
Sound familiar to anyone? I've searched but can't find anything like it... Know where to find?


  • Liam_ABBLiam_ABB Sweden admin
    Hi soup,

    Check out the 'Application manual - IRC5 OPC Server help', which you can access from within RobotStudio if you have a premium license (Help - Online Documentation - Application Manuals - PC Software). I think that might be useful.

  • DSRTMDSRTM Winnipeg, MB
    i believe opc da does not have access to event logs.  I have a recollection of an OPC AE that isn't made for ABB products that could access events.  It would be nice to have this option ; if I'm incorrect, please someone let us know.

  • soupsoup USA ✭✭✭
    Hummm -- if OPC doesn't have access to event logs then that can't be what I'm thinking of... What about PC SDK? Think of a tutorial or manual making a box to display event logs?
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