Signal Analyzer Online - signals not displayed

jay_cjay_c Netherlands
edited November 2017 in RobotStudio

I'm having some trouble working with Signal Analyzer Online. The signals do not display in the Signal Analyzer view nor plot any graphs. The procedure I'm using is to first connect to the controller via one-click, then select the signals I'd like to use, start the recording, and then finally run the real routine. Am I potentially overlooking a step here? 

I've read on the forum that this functionality to display signals online was disabled due to a vulnerability for version 5.05 or so, has it been enabled on the newer releases? 

I'm using RobotStudio 6.05 and RobotWare 6.05. 



  • Henrik BerlinHenrik Berlin Sweden ✭✭✭
    Please try again with RobotStudio 6.06.01 (that works with RobotWare 6.05). If the problem persists, please get in touch with your local ABB Robotics Service representative.
    Henrik Berlin
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