RS 5.08


We have on two occasions lost programs after editing programs with RS own editor  

The backup or saved program will not load up into a robot, (even if RS "check program" is not showing any errors) 

as the files are corupted

The error shown on Flexpendant is "unknown tokens"

I there a fix to this ?



  • kegley182kegley182 United States

    try checking your line ends.... RS5.08 puts in an extra OD ... line ends end up being OD OD OA instead of OD OA... at least that's what our problem was with that type of error...


    Mike Kegley
  • Thanks Kegley182

    I think one of our guys wrote a macro in UltraEdit to remove the characters and managed to save one of the programs.

    I was hoping ABB had a fix in RS, a  Patch or something.


  • DaBotDaBot United States
    I had an issue with programs not loading into the robots. The only way to identify that there was an issue outside of attempting to put the program on the machine was to open the module with Notepad  and turn the word wrap off then back on.  If the program was good then the text would realign properly if not then the text would not wrap.  The fix I found was to open robot studio online and set the program to edit then apply changes.  This even works for a corupt module that was exported. 
  • Anders SAnders S Sweden mod


    I would appreciate if some of you could mail me a program module that has been corrupt in the RS rapid editor. Hopefully can we then fix the problem before the RS 5.09 release.

    [email protected] 

    Best regards,
    Anders Spaak
    ABB Robotics
  • kegley182kegley182 United States

    Here's a tip sheet that I wrote for some of our guys

    For inquiring minds...


    Robot Studio 5.08 saves module files differently than 5.07x. This will not be a problem if you don't edit them outside of Robot Studio or don't use them on 5.07x robotware robots...


    If you do, then you'll likely run accross the phenomenon below and you may find this useful.....



    Module files created on 5.08 are not loading on robotware 5.07x robots (example: Lipskin laser)


    This will show up as an syntax error in line 4 at the robot.... Line 4 is a blank line.... as far as the casual observer is concerned.   Actually line 4 is "OD OD OA" (hex)

    In version 5.07x it was "OD OA".... note, one less "OD"





    When editing out the problem in line 4 by using notepad or wordpad to delete the first 4 lines, the module has other syntax errors.


    While removeing the first 4 lines is perfectly okay... what notepad and wordpad and Word do to the rest of the file is not okay.

    Module files created on 5.08 have "line ends" that are made up of "OD OD OA ".... again, note the extra "OD"

    5.07 files modules have line ends  that are made up of "OD OA "   (one less "OD")


    When saving a 5.08 gen'd module file ....

    Notepad will replace the "OD OD OA " with ""  (nothing... it just deletes it)

    WordPad will replace "OD OD OA " with "20"(hex)  

    ... the above 2 cases result in a file with 1long line and will not be loadable to the robot.


    WORD will replace  "OD OD OA " with "OD OA OD OA " (so long as you don't select the wrong options when saving)...  This is okay, so long as you don't mind all the extra lines(basically Word is smart enough to know that OD OD OA is not a valid line ending sequence and will fix it by adding an OA between the two ODs,... thereby creating a second line after every line.)




    OD == Carriage Return

    OA == LineFeed

    20(hex) == Space(visible character usually created by the spacebar)


    OD OA == Carriage Return/LineFeed    .... an widely used method to end text file lines(non visible character sequence, usually created by the enter key.)


    OD OD OA ==  a pain in neck


    How to fix for 5.07x robotware robots!

    Option 1

    Use RS 5.08 (program editor) to delete the first 4 lines out and save the file from there. 


    Option 2

    Edit with "Beyond Compare" .... (delete first 4 lines...etc)


    Option 3

    Edit with Word,....... (delete first 4 lines...etc)   BUT perform an advanced replace of dual line ends prior to saving...





    I'm sure there are other ways, let me know what they are if you come up with any.



    till then....good luck,
    Mike Kegley
  • kegley182kegley182 United States

    forgot to mention in the tip sheet ...

    SaveAs... a windows/dos file format... this will replace the incorrect line ends properly.... on editors that support weird line end beyond compare.. and possibly MS Word.

    Mike Kegley
  • Anders SAnders S Sweden mod


    Thanks to the modules some of you sent me have we found the problem in RS image. The way that the RobotStudio editor saves modules can cause problems in a real controller. We will fix this in the next version of RobotStudio.

    In meantime a workaround is to save the modules from RobotStudio Online instead. The modules that are available in the RS editor, are automatically also available in the RSO editor.

    Best regards,
    Anders Spaak
    ABB Robotics
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