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I'm try to use a multimove system in RStudio but I can't simulate then. I create a new system and select a option multimove coordinated SingleProcess. Then I add a new system and create another robot, but when i click in a multimove tab in output window appears "System is not a MultiMove System 23-04-2007 10:11:03".


If anyone knows why i can't create a multimove please help me!

Best regards,

Joao Fidalgo 



  • PerSvenssonPerSvensson Sweden ✭✭✭

    A MultiMove system consist of one controller with several motion tasks so you need to add 2 or more drivemodules to your system when you create it.

    The MultiMove functionallity in RS checks your system at startup and if there is less than 2 motion tasks it will report as not a MultiMove system

    Per Svensson
    Robotics and Vision Specialist
    Consat Engineering
  • Anders SAnders S Sweden mod


    I suggest that you import and place the robots in your station and then use the function "Create System from Layout" to create the system.

    "Create System from Layout" will create a system with options that correspond to the layout.

    Best regards,
    Anders Spaak
    ABB Robotics
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