Attaching objects to move with mechanisms


I'm developing a production cell with lots of extra mechanisms representing moving fixtures. Now I want to attach an object(the workpiece) to a mechanism and make it move with the mechanism. This doesn't seem to work at all, I can't even attach objects to mechanisms.


One solution, but a bad one, is to make the object a mechanism of its own and make it move in the same time as the fixture. I've tried this and it's difficult to make them move in sync. There has to be a way?

I'm using RobotStudio 5.08.

Any ideas?






  • dh_custompakdh_custompak United States


    I believe you would want to use the event manager. I use it to pick up certain items and set them down later, ID=1144&PN=3 I hope this will help a bit.

    dh_custompak2010-05-30 04:39:26
  • Yeah, thanks. But I'm already using the event manager, and the attach object of the event manager only works to attach objects to robots or robot tools unfortunately.

    There is an action called Move object in the event manager that I use to reset the workpiece back to its original position, but there seems to be no support for making objects move linked with another object that is not a robot.


    (I have modelled a modular conveyor with moving pallets on top. Now workpieces should move in sync with these. )

  • PetjoPetjo Sweden ✭✭


    You can make a dummy object and attach that to the link that moves in your mechanism, and then use the event manager to attach your object to the dummy.

  • That's a good tip Petjo, thanks!


    In the end I opted to make one mechanism with the object on it, and one without, and use the event manager to Show/Hide the different ones. So when the robots place the object on the mechanism, the mechanism with the object on becomes visible. It looks quite good!


    I'll post a video of the cell simulation later on.

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