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Problem in ScreenMaker

Hello Users,

I did  program in ScreenMaker, but i have a problem. In this moment is working one reference of a piece and everything is fine (The ScreenMaker Project was build with the reference working), but when i change the reference to a new piece ( I load a new module that corresponding to the new piece ) the ScreenMaker program gives an error (as in the picture). I think the error is associated with the loading of new variables, but these new variables are the same name as the old module. I think that i have associate the new variables to the ScreenMaker Project, how i do this in ScreenMaker?

Someone can help me?! Please.

the image says: Start display probem in flexpendant.
error creating object of type ABB.Robotics.SDK.Views.MainScreen
The data for this message are not save in the event log of Robot Controller.


  • Hello, I have a similar problem, could you solve it?

    Thanks in advance,

  • Hello,

    No, i could not solve the problem yet. I think that we have creat new variables in robotstudio and connect them to the variables in the program. 

    Someone can help us?

  • carlosmtz2000


    - Do the new module have the same name? (so the reference to the RAPID variable remains the same?)

    - Is the ScreenMaker app opened when the new module is loaded? If you re-open the ScreenMaker app after loading the file, do you still have the same problem?


    Carlos Martinez
  • Hi,

    - No, the new module have a different name. But the variables in each module remains with the same name. 

    - Yes, I already try re-open the screenMaker app after loading the file, but the problem remains.