Integration with Beckhoff TwinCat & ABB System I/O

I am working on a project which has two IRB 1200s and one SCARA robot. We are using TwinCat PLC controls to run the entire system. I am having an issue with the Motors OFF system input to the SCARA robot. When we manually force the signal in TwinCat, then we can turn motors OFF. However, when attempting to do so during PLC program execution, the SCARA receives the System Input for Motors Off, but remains in a motors on state. 

The IRB 1200s are using the same PLC code and have the same System I/O settings, and they work as expected. Does anyone have experience integrating TwinCat with ABB?


  • labulabu France ✭✭

    Are you using Physical IOs or fieldbus?

    We are using Twicat since 1998 with ABB robots and have not met any issues. We usually use EL6752 (DN Master) if several robots and EL6752-0010 (DN Slave) if only one to connect.

    I assume Twincat has no relation to your problem and recommend to double check your I/O mapping and System Inputs configuration.

    Best Regards,

  • LukeRutterLukeRutter Sheffield AMRC

    I'm trying to use an EL6752-0010 to connect an IRC5 to a Beckhoff. Currently the setup works fine when Twincat is in config mode - we can send signals between the IPC and IRC5. But when TwinCat is put in run mode, the connection seems to be lost.

    I've assumed this is due to the devices not being configured quite right.

    Could you send me screen shots of the configurations used for the EL6752-0010 on both TwinCat and Robot Studio?

    Kind Regards,


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