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PoseMover with Rapid Trigger

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Hi there,

Had tried to use the PoseMover component on a Device and activate it directly from Rapid, however nothing happens.

The used configuration is a:

Fully Functional Mechanical "Device" with all transition times, joints, etc properly configured, added as component to a SmartComponent with PoverMovers and Highlighters only.

For each PoseMover an input & output is connect to a input & output @ the controller.

To activate the SmartComponent [Input] that is connected to the poseMover,  had tried pulseDO and setDO methods, none of them work...

Can this be done ?? or it just seems nice but it´s not possible on RobotStudio ?

There is always the possibility to do it with the Event table, however this way we would be able to control the entire station directly from Rapid.

Please advice if some specif configuration is required to perform this operation.

Thank´s on advanced,





  • Hi Victor,

    It can definitely be done. One thing to note is that IO connections from a controller must be on the station level (i.e. in Station Logic).
    I have attached simple sample station.

    Johannes Weiman
    Software Engineer
    RobotStudio Team, ABB Robotics