Reference surface tool


When creating "paths on curves" generated from surfaces with double curvature I need a "reference surface" to control the target orientations.

The problem is that the path travels over many different surfaces and it is only possible to select a sigle one in RS. I am now looking for a tool to merge/join surfaces or to create a "spline surface" on top of the original "patches" before importing to RS.  Anybody got an  idea of a cheap great easy tool? ..or could It be an other way around this?




  • Anders S
    Anders S Sweden mod

    Hi Erik,

    If you not select a reference surface, RS will automatically use the surface there the target is created as reference surface.

    Best regards,
    Anders Spaak
    ABB Robotics
  • Hi Anders,

    Ooh - So thats why I have so good results without a ref surf! I figured something fishy was going on. Thanks for the info!image I can now trust the results.