How to realize the continuous control by PC-SDK?

    Hello ,Everybody;
     I meet a new problem. I  use the Six Axis Force Sensor that  install on the ABB robot's TCP.  I wanna control the robot by manual operation.It doesn't by the FlexPendant because I control the robot by  C# of PC-SDK program ,if the sensor test the force that gather by force sensor,then the robot TCP will move towards the direction of the force. This is my thought,in fact, the robot move is intermittent. I use the motion command is 'moveL Reltool(point x,y,z)',x is the variables decide by force size in X direction ,y/z the same too. I wanna realize the continuous motion or soft motion control.
    Can you give some advice? Thanks. I'm looking forward your reply.


  • fengyuan
    My recent task is similar as you say above ,only have thought ,not already realize :smile:
    • collect force value from Six Axis Force Sensor,then transfer to the PC(as 上位机)whose function is turn the force value to offset value of liner movement;
    • to the point of intermittent,i agree with you (by motion command ) ,but i an't sure ;
    after 2years,do you realize the continuous control by PC-SDK?
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