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Can Robot Studio be Used For Creating a Pinstripe Line?


My company is trying to move from manually programming pinstripe paths on pained parts to programming using CAD design. Does this product allow for a path for the tip of the robot arm to follow to be programmed in and still have it notify of other collisions.

My thought process is that I will be able to have the tip of the robot arm follow a path that is x distance from the surface of the part and that distance in the real world will be the pinstripe applicator attachment which is spring loaded to prevent any damage.

My main concern is that the pinstripe attachment needs to remain moving in only 2 planes at any given time. (for lack of a better description, a pin point can be allocated to any point in time while a pinstripe applicator must roll along the surface of the part to apply paint, it cant be dragged sideways and ect.)