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how to generate the Dispensing Instructions in Powerpac

edited January 2017 in PowerPacs
I'm developing a new Powerpac for Dispensing, and also, it is my first time to develop for RobotStudio. below are my questions:

1. I only found there are two classes from SDK:  RsMoveInstruction and RsActionInstruction, but the Dispensing Instructions are DispL, DispC, so how can I use the RsMoveInstruction and RsActionInstruction class to generate the Dispensing Instructions like DispL/DispC ? 

2. what is the relationship between the internal instructions ( like MoveL) and the DispL, I know MoveL is a common instruction, but DispL is only for Dispensing, could you help me to clarify these concepts?

3. what are the processDefinition and processTemplate, I found they are the parameters in the ctor of RsMoveInstruction. I have some trouble to understand these concepts.
4. I found some demo code below, what are the "Move", "Default" standard for ?
                       new RsMoveInstruction(activeTask, "Move", "Default",
                            MotionType.Linear, activeTask.ActiveWorkObject.Name,
                            target.Name, activeTask.ActiveTool.Name);

5. any other import concepts about Rapid instruction?