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How can I stop/interrupt single MoveL instruction based on some conditions during its execution?


I found in Technical Reference RAPID overview that there was a way to interrupt during more than two MoveL instructions by using “TriggXXX” instruction. However, it didn’t say anything about how to interrupt during single MoveL execution. 

Also, it may be possible that I can set the interruption based on the time or the length from/to a start point or a goal(target) point. Are there any ways to trigger the interruption based on other condition such as message/IO signal?


  • Micky
    Micky ✭✭✭

    maybe you can use the instruction SearchL, in this case you could an input or an boolean persitant  to stop the movement.

    With the help of the instruction SetupCyclicBool you could combine some conditions to stop the search movement.

  • kazoo
    Hi Micky, thank you for your comment. I looked SearchL and it looks one way to realize what I wanted to do. Maybe the downside is the robot's motion speed? Manual says that TCP speed should be lower than 100mm/s. I also found that EGM (External Guided Motion) would be another solution.