RobotStudio event

web services subscriptions

I am trying to better understand the web services and in particular subscriptions. Using C# I can register as a subscription but there are two main questions with the event data I received
a) When subscribing to a value change the data received does not contain the value of the variable. Just an event that it changed eg.
This is the type of subscription but actually done in C# <br>curl --digest -u "Default User":robotics -X POST -d "resources=1&1=/rw/rapid/symbol/data/RAPID/T_ROB1/Module1/count;value&1-p=1" ""<br><br>The reply is<br>"<?xml version=\"1.0\" encoding=\"utf-8\"?><br><html xmlns=\"\"> <br>	<head> <br><title>Event</title><base href=\"\"/> <br></head> <br><body>  <br>	<div class=\"state\"><a href=\"subscription/52\" rel=\"group\"></a> <br>	<ul> <li class=\"rap-value-ev\" title=\"value\"> <br>	<a href=\"/rw/rapid/symbol/data/RAPID/T_ROB1/Module1/count;value\" rel=\"self\"/></li>  <br>	</ul> </div> <br>	</body><br>	</html>"<br><br><br>
b) How can I subscribe to an I/O change in value - I only seem to be able to change in state

This fails:<br><br>curl --digest -u "Default User":robotics -d "resources=1&1=/rw/iosystem/signals/testDI;value&1-p=0" -X POST "http://localhost/subscription"<br><br>This works<br><br>curl --digest -u "Default User":robotics -d "resources=1&1=/rw/iosystem/signals/testDI;state&1-p=0" -X POST "http://localhost/subscription"<br><br>but I want the value change.<br>