[EGM] How EGMRunPose’s \x \y \z options work in EGM Position Guidance mode?


I have a problem for EGM Pose Guidance. If you had same issues before, please let me know. 

I tried several position instructions and here is the result. The numbers inside the matrices shows the actual robot movement when given SampleRate (top row) and Cartesian pose instruction (left). If I set SampleRate 200, the robot moved as instructed (e.g. if I give 100mm, it moves 100mm). However, if I used higher sampling rate (\SampleRate:= 4, 20, 100), it didn’t move as instructed. Interestingly, if I set lower sampling rate such as 400 or 800, it didn’t move as instructed either. If the problem resides in latency, these should move as instructed. 

Setting:    EGMActPose egmID1\Tool:=tFroniusCMT, corr_frame_offs, EGM_FRAME_WORLD, tFroniusCMT.tframe, EGM_FRAME_TOOL \x:=egm_minmax_lin1 \y:=egm_minmax_lin1 \z:=egm_minmax_lin1 \rx:=egm_minmax_rot1 \ry:=egm_minmax_rot1 \rz:=egm_minmax_rot1 \LpFilter:=3 \MaxSpeedDeviation:=1000;

My question is that how EGMRunPose’s \x \y \z options work? The explanation in the manual isn’t clear. it only says "Movement in x, y, and z direction."

If I follow the instruction in egm.proto, it should be the position in given frame. However, as I showed above, it didn't work as it should be.

message EgmPlanned           // Planned  position for robot (joints or cartesian) and additional axis (array of 6 values)

message EgmPose             // Pose (i.e. cartesian position and Quaternion orientation) interpreted relative to the sensor frame defined by EGMActPose

message EgmCartesian          // Cartesian position in mm, interpreted relative to the sensor frame defined by EGMActPose