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Loading Modules from the network

I need to load few modules (which are dynamically modified by a software and contain global routines) from a server on the local network to the operating controller.. Is it possible to do so while the rapid application is running?
I read that with Rapid I can Load modules (and overwrite the current loaded modules with the same name) that are stored in the main memory of the controller or in a usb mass storage plugged in the controller, but I am not sure how to do what I need, I would like to do it in Rapid and not through pc-sdk.
If it is not possible, what could be a work around, or the official method?


  • Take a look at the FTP/NSF client option (614-1).

  • Thank you, this seems exactly what I was looking for
  • Crux
    edited March 2017
    I am trying to achieve this but I cannot make it work, can somebody help me?

    I have enabled the option (614-1  FTP and NFS) and I would like to test it on a virtual controller where I did create a protocol under
    Configuration->Communication->Application Protocol
    assigning localhost ( as address. 

    Is this correct? (may I use a virtual controller + localhost for the ftp communication or a connection is triggered only on real controllers?)

    On my pc I started filezilla at and it let me connect through windows command prompt, so the server is online.

    The controller instead is not attempting any connection since no log appears in filezilla.
    When is the connection supposed to happen? right after the controller boots or when I do start the Rapid application?

  • Crux
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    I guess I found the answer from 2011, I suppose it is still valid with the updated version of RS, If not, let me know please

    Is it the same for NFS ? (I suppose so..)
  • I did write a Rapid program for fetching a module received through a socket; it is very simple it just receives strings and fills a file. If someone wants to try it because they did not have the FTP option but they have PC interface, here is the code :