Connecting irc5 m2004 controller to xs7-8 and xs12-15 signal connectors


Here in university we had an irc5 compact controller attached to the workspace signarls through the xs7-8 and xs12-15 connectors (as this photo)

Now, after a few months without any abb robots, we received a new "used" IRB1200 robot with this different irc5 compact m2004 controller (see the other photo).
The work cell has not been modified, so we were wanted to simply connect these connectors to the controller and start again our job, but we can't figure how to do it because we can't find the plugs.

Can someone help me?

Sorry for my bad english, have a nice day,


  • Boteon
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    I can't find any manuals regarding the M2004 variant. Where can i find it?

    Also I found that the pic that i posted about my controller is wrong, we have the newer version ( )
  • Unfortunately the I/O connection plugs are different between the two versions.

    you will need to use the XS7 I/O connector which has soldered connections, alternatively you could open the lid and connect directly to the I/O module which are spring cage or screw type connectors.. 

  • Thanks for the answer.

    Unfortunately this would be a huge work, I don't think i can handle this.

    However, just in case, where can i find an electric scheme  of the M2004? Online i can only find manuals of the other version!
  • please find extract attached
  • please find extract attached
    Thanks for the file.

    At the end I can't disassemble the connectors, so I'm trying to contact ABB service to know if they can provide me any adaptors. I'll update this thread if i find any solutions.