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Synchronize Smart Components into RAPID

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Hello everyone,

I have a question, which is the scope of Smart Components, in order to be used as a integrated development environment (IDE), which translates exactly what you do using the nodes interface.

We are analizing the possibility to programming to RAPID, using exclusively the nodes interface which offers the Smart Component. I have some issues defining exactly what you can synchronize into RAPID from SC's, and what you can't.

For example, which options exists to program tasks (essencially a loop) using flow control commands in Smart Components? i.e. for, while, if instructions. And this function nodes or nodes, could be directly synchronized into RAPID code.

It is possible to work entirely on SC's, as an abstraction layer? Please comment me your ideas and insights about this.

Best regards,

Pablo L


  • Liberona
    I saw some approaches to this, in SDK of RobotStudio, but I'm not sure about the scope and potencial to this framework, to be an abstraction layer. What do you think?