How can I rotate robtargets around a "custom" axis

baldur København S
I have a lot of robtargets definded in a workobject. Some of these targets need to be rotated around an axis that i NOT the x-, y or z axis in my workobject.

So I would like to rotate a robtaget around a vector, where both the robtarget and the vector is definded in the same workobject,

Does anyone know if this is possible without the need to do "a lot" of mathematics ;-)




  • soup
    soup USA ✭✭✭
    If you're using RobotStudio -- you could create a new work object at the axis you want to rotate around, drag and drop the targets to the new work object, choose No to the "Do you want to reposition the targets? popup, rotate the new work object and the targets follow. Then drag and drop the rotated targets back to a more suitable work object.