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How to search/locate circular part in arc welding?

I need to locate a circular part for welding. Typically, for seam search, you use Search1D instruction from one to three times, depending about the case. Is there some existing solutions for circular search or do I have to create some routine for calculations.


  • In my experience I used the completed circuit from the mig wire to search for the part. This was just used to make sure a part was in place to be welded. I would use the welder to send 24 volts through the wire then once the part was touched off, ie the robot physically goes in to tap the part with the wire, then the circuit would be completed and the part would then be welded. Used this to stop the fixture from being welded due to the operator forgetting to put a part in the fixture. I can get you an example of the code once I get my usb stick to work properly.
  • I'm looking for how to locate circular part with typical search function, I'm familiar how searching procedure works with arc welder.