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Reference error(92): Unknown type name egm_minmax

Hi, does anyone have any experience with this error using the EGM.

It occurs within the first 5 lines 

    VAR egmident egmID1;
    VAR egmident egmID2;
    VAR egmstate egmSt1;
    CONST egm_minmax egm_minmax_lin1 := [-1,1];"

Any help or advice would be appreciated, 


  • eayml4
    For reference this is using a Virtual IRB_14000_0.5kg_0.5m
  • eayml4
    Okay so for anyone finding this, my issue was that I had not chosen to load the EGM module when choosing controler. When loading up the controller, ensure you tick 'customize options' and load up the EGM from engineering tools! 

    Really simple but I didn't see it in the manuals (not that it isn't there, but there was a lot to read!)