How to calculate the configuration?

Dear all
in my case, I have to edit my rapid program. I can calculate the coordinate and the quaternion by my own way but I don't know how to generate the robot configuration by those data, is that possible to calculate the robot configuration in some ways?


  • Gary
     VAR robtarget pTemp;
    VAR num cf1;
    var num cf4;
    var num cf6;
    var num cfx;

    you don' need to generate the robot configuration. you can reference the data type in manual-book
  • graemepaulin

    If you are not concerned with the robot being in a certain configuration you can use the confl\off or confj\off commands to stop the robots configuration being controlled (the configuration in the move command is ignored).

    Note the following from the RAPID manual:

    With ConfJ \Off , the robot cannot switch main axis configuration - it will search for a solution with the same main axis configuration as the current one, but it moves to the closest wrist configuration for axes 4 and 6.