Changing Array Dimension with PCSDK

Hello, again...
I'm now trying to add items to a Rapid array with PCSDK.
Setting length to an ArrayData is not possible.
Adding Items directly to RapidData is not possible.
Setting the dimension through a constant in rapid and then changing the value of the constant  from PC SDK is not possible.

Is it possible at all?

Thank you in advance.


  • DanLars

    One solution could be to generate a simple MOdule file, where you only have the aforementioned array. Then using either the PC SDK or rapid code to load this module. Arrays in the robot controller has to be fixed in size - apparently it is difficult to implement dynamic arrays :smile:

    regards, Lars
    Lars Glud
    Danrob A/S
  • John_Verheij
    My workaround was to delete the array and then create the same array with a different length.