Robot Moves Another Robot

lil jon
lil jon United States


I am working on a demo and we have an irb 7600 that has an EOAT consisting of 3 irb 140's.Confused I need to make the 7600 move on a 9m servo track with the irb 140s attached to axis 6 and they have to be able to move also. Any idea of what lil jon can do? What? Yeah! OK! If I don't get this to work I am Censored. Please don't ask me where these ideas come fromimage.


Thank you for all your help. You saved me like 3 times alreadyimage



  • Wow. That is just insane. Where do those ideas come from? image

    Anyway, IRC5 doesn't support the baseframe of one robot being moved by another TCP robot. So you wouldn't be able to program the 140's in a fixed coordinate system.
    Are you going to build this for real? The cabling alone must be a nightmare..

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