Movement freezed

I'm experiencing a strange behavior on an IRC5 controller. After using it a lot in auto and manual mode I started the LoadIndentify procedure. The procedure completed correctly and set all the parameters in my tool. Since then the robot does not move anymore. It moves only in jogging, if I start the program (man or auto mode) the status shows motors on, program running but execution remains stuck on a movement and the robot does not move. Even restarting the LoadIdentify procedure it doesn't move!
There are no parallel tasks, no system signal exchanged with PLC, speed is greater than zero.



  • Jon_H
    Jon_H WI
    I have similar situation where the motors are on, Speed >100%, and Program is running, program pointer is on a MOVE instruction, but there is not movement.   I have been able to get the robot to move by manually stopping the the program and restarting.  However, when controlled from a PLC, there is no feedback telling me it is in this condition, and no way to automatically remedy the situation.  Is there any explanation for why the above conditions would be true, and still not robot motion?
  • lemster68
    lemster68 United States ✭✭✭
    What controller is it?  Is there a stopmove instruction active?
    Lee Justice