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Extrinsic/Intrinsic rotation in EGM Base mode?


I’d like to ask you about the rotation (Rx, Ry, Ry or roll, pitch, yaw) in EGM.

When I use EGM’s Tool Frame mode, all 6D axes (x,y,z,Rx,Ry,Rz) follow the Tool Frame (Intrinsic Rotation), which behaves as same as the movement when using Tool Frame during Jogging. 

My question is, how EGM’s Base Frame mode behaves for the rotation? When I use EGM as Base Frame mode, translation (x,y,z) movement is based on the Base Frame, so even the tool is tilted, the robot still moves based on the Base Frame, not on the Tool Frame. This is good.

However, when I send the rotation value (Rx,Ry,Rz), the robot rotates based on Tool Frame, not Base Frame, which is different behavior when compared with Jogging under Base Frame. 

Is this intended behavior?