Not find robots


I already post something to General Discussion forum about my problems to found robots with RobotStudio Online, please read my post there for more info. ID=1026&PN=1&TPN=1

But in short, I am connected directly to service port and the ping and ftp is working, so the network connection and settings are OK. Also I uninstall my firewall (McAfee) and the Windows firewall is off.

Now at the weekend I found out that also my RAB code don't find any robots from the network except virtuals.

So the following code just finds virtual robots  - like my RobotStudio online as well, but not any real robots in network.

        public void ScanABBRobots()
             ControllerInfoCollection controllers = _netABBScanner.Controllers;

             foreach (ControllerInfo info in controllers)
                 this._robs.ABBRobots.Add(new ABBRobot(info));
             this._netABBWatcher = new NetworkWatcher(_netABBScanner.Controllers);
             this._netABBWatcher.Found += new NetworkWatcherEventHandler(_netABBWatcher_Found);
             this._netABBWatcher.Lost += new NetworkWatcherEventHandler(_netABBWatcher_Lost);
             this._netABBWatcher.EnableRaisingEvents = true;

Problems started after I install RW5.07.4002 and RSOnline which comes with it. (read more from previously mentioned link what I have try to do)

Do you have ideas how to 'clean' my laptop to make robot discovery service to work again?



  • Can you connect to the robot(s) from another computer on the network, perhaps one using a different version of RSOnline? Have you upgraded the RW on the controller to 5.07.04 also? Do you have the PC Interface option on the controllers to allow a network connection (as opposed to a direct, service port connection)?

    I am confused about the part where you say you can't see ANY robots on the network, yet you are using a service port connection to one robot. Just to verify, the service port is used for a direct connection to one controller, the LAN port allows a networked connection to a controller.

    I assume that the orignal symptom of the problem was that you could not connect to any robots using their LAN connections, and now you have found that you cannot even connect a single robot over its service port?

    I would try the following for your laptop (I am assuming that you only have RAB and RSOnline installed on you machine. If you have other ABB software Products installed, you may want to uninstall them as well, as they might be broken by what I describe below).

    1.Uninstall RSOnline from Control Panel>Add/Remove PRograms

    2.Uninstall Robot Communications Runtime (if installed) using Control Panel>Add/Remove PRograms

    3. In Windows Explorer, locate the Program FilesABB Industrial IT directory.

    4. If there is a directory called RobotStudioOnline, delete it and its contents.

    5. In Windows Explorer, locate the Program FilesCommon FIlesABB Industrial IT directory, delete the foolowing directories if they exist:RobApi,RobInstallApi,RobotStudioOnline. DO NOT delete the directory "Licensing"!!

    6. Find the directory "CWindowsAssembly", uninstall any files named ABB.Robotics...

    7. Restart your PC, reinstall an older version of RSOnline.

    8 Try to reconnect.

    Russell Drown
  • Hi,

    So far I have try connection through service port, not through LAN yet ... I will. Sorry the confusing part in my posts, I ment that I have try (through Service port so far) this with 3 different robot one at the time. One with 5.07.04 and two with

    Yes, I have also other ABB softwares. I guess I don't have to uninstall RobotStudio 4.0? but RS 5.07.01 and have to go? Is there danger to delete needed files for RS4.0 in directory "CWindowsAssembly"?

    I will try to uninstall them all, I just have to check if I have the installation media for softwares I will need here. I am not even near my office before x-mas.

    In pos. 6. what you mean by uninstall any files ... just delete?



  • I assume that the RSOnline connectivity worked OK when you orignially installed RS/RSOnline of the same version, is that correct? Apparently it was only after the RW/RSOnline upgrade that the problems occurred.

    If true, this suggests that perhaps there is some shared components between RS and RSOnline that may not have been upgraded properly during the installation of RSOnline 5.07.04, because the presence of RS prevented their upgrade.

    If you uninstall RS 5.07, then you should probably re-install RSOnline 5.07.04 first, then RS, which hopefully will then be able to use the newer version of any shared components.

    In #6 above, the assembly cache is treated differently by Windows Explorer than a regular directory. You don't delete the entries in the cache, they get uninstalled (even if you try highlighting and deleting). You probably won't have to do this if you uninstall everything, but you might. I'm not sure if RS 4.0 puts items in the cache or not.

    Russell Drown
  • Yes, I didn't had problems before upgrading the RSOnline.

    Sounds like that if you need to upgrade RSOnline because new RW release, you need first uninstall RS and install it back after RW and RSonline?

    I will check if I have installation media with me and if so, I let you know if reinstalling all works...

    Thanks a lot,


  • Hi,

    Reinstalling all ABB softwares didn't help. RobotStudio Online still don't find robots (service port).

    Any other ideas?


  • First, I would try another PC with a version of RSOnline that matches the RW version (or is newer than the RW version) to see if that works. Preferably a PC that has doesn't have other ABB products installed.

    What settings are you using for your PC's network connection? If you are assigning it a static IP, change it to use DHCP when plugging into the service port.

    Please list the settingsfrom the FlexPendant under System Info>Controller Properties>Network Connections for both the Service Port and the LAN port.

    Do you have the PC Interface option in the controller? If so, try setting up the LAN port and seeing if you can connect through a switch/hub.

    RussD2006-12-7 16:15:7
    Russell Drown
  • I have try with other PC. It is working fine. So the problem exist in my laptop only. It started after RW5.07.04 installation. I have try connection with 3 robot with two different RW version.

    I get IP automatically, but I have also try to explicitely set the IP and mask. The service port ( is pinging and the ftp works fine, so the settings seems to be OK.

    Yes, I have PC interface, but not yet try the LAN connection. I will try that as soon as I can. But anyhow the RS online should find the robot from the service port.