Creating new solution with RW 5.15 not possible in RS 6.04

MatthiasN Germany

I am having a problem with RobotStudio. When I try to create a new "Solution with Station and Robot Controller", I am not able to create a station using RobotWare 5.15.13 or RW 5.14, I just can't select "Create new". Creating a station with a RW 6.x or 5.60 works, but not with RW version below. According to RS Release Notes, there should be no problem.

When I try to create a new station in RobotStudio 6.03, only a few robots with cryptic names (paint robots?) can be selected with RobotWare 5.15:

What works is creating a new system in the Controller tab, and then adding that system to an empty station. I also reinstalled both RobotStudio and RobotWare, and tested it on a different PC, there is the same behaviour. Did I miss something, or is this a bug?