How to set YuMi's configuration when using Move instruction?

kazoo San Francisco
I have a question about YuMi’s movement. What should I set for `confdata` at robtarget? 

The initial robot joint position is like the first picture (with Arm angle -164.85 as depicted in the second picture). Because 1st axis is 29.73, 4th axis is -131.89 and 6th axis is -149.08, I set cf1 to 0, cf4 to -2 and cf6 to -2. Also, for cfx, I tried to follow what the manual says (please see the third picture). 

Then, the instructions to set the target and to move became like follows:
cartesianTarget :=[[params{1},params{2},params{3}],
MoveL cartesianTarget, currentSpeed, currentZone, currentTool \WObj:=currentWobj ;

However, when I ran this, I got “Using old target definition” error (the fourth picture). 
I also tried the simplest conf setting like [0,0,0,0], then the robot started to move its arm to positive direction (it went up to -90 degree or so) and got “Jog in wrong direction” error (the fifth picture).
Note that I tried everything on YuMi’s right arm. I'm using RobotWare 6.05 and tried to follow the new convention to express confdata.

The manual doesn’t show any example setting for YuMi. Could you let me know how I can solve this issue and how to set the confdata?


  • IzaR
    IzaR Poland

    You did great job, but the cfx parameter has changed and now there is no 0110 like in your case, now is just one number. There is no information in the documentation how to calculate this number. I suppose, however, that the solution is the number 0110 converted from binary to decimal. But I am not sure about that.

    The simplest solution is to change the configuration parameter Arm-Angle definition in topic Motion and type Robot to 'Old'.

  • kazoo
    kazoo San Francisco
    Thank you for your information. I tried decimal and worked!