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abb irc5 control using s7-1200 siemens plc

hello to all respectable seniors..
i am new in robotics programming and configuration. this is completely education project
talking to ABB robot with devicenet option 
irc5 controller with 
" DeviceNet 709-x
709-1 Master/Slave Single channel
Main computer board type DSQC 623"
DNet card HLT led is green but Comm led is off, no connection is made with the DNet card to DSQC328A DI/O Unit. but in settings for each unit bus allocated is DeviceNet.

project is to control the irc5 as a slave unit by using Siemen PLC S7-1200 as master using Profinet or Profibus i/o controller.
as per my info , to communicate between devicenet and profinet/profibus , i have to use anybus x-gateway. but whether this DNet 709-1 card will automatically behave in a slave mode when connected to PLC (Master) or some external configuration changes need to be done.
2nd the anybus gateway needed will be Profibus slave to Devicenet master. then this devicenet master will control the devicenet slave of irc5...
any guide will be appreciated pleaseee..