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Virtual Reality Motion Recording Addin

The release notes for 6.05 say that a VR Paint Prototype Add-in available via RobotApps is required to record motion from the Vive controller.  I have not been able to find the add-in.  Is it available, or is it still in development? I was hoping to try it out this coming week when I borrow an HTC Vive headset for a little while to test.


  • Hello Clint,

    I have sent you an e-mail with the prototype add-in. Please let know what you think about it.

    Best regards,
    Henrik Berlin
  • Thanks Henrik,
    I finished getting some of our programmers over to test it out and things worked pretty well.  Only a few improvements that we could suggest.  Overall the experience was fun and showed some possibilities for simplifying things for processing such as paint or sandblasting.
    When grabbing parts be able to set up logical locations to snap to  instead of leaving the item floating as an option
    Be able to rotate the world to reorient to your play space. That way you can optimize your work area.
    shrink the world so your reach is larger if you are dealing with large booths and robots
    Be able to manipulate tracks and have it record the position when path is created.
    be able to set paint flags or i/o's at points in VR.
    Be able to have the robot try to follow when in paint mode to indicate when an invalid configuration is passed through. Robot stops following, or you see a wrist flip
    I didn't see any difference for the Click option, and I couldn't tell if the Test option did anything with trying to run the configuration.

    Thanks again.  I look forward to seeing the improvements in the future.

    Clinton Campbell

  • I'm also searching for the prototype app. We are experimenting   with the htc vive and all of the functions. So is it possible to mail me the add-in.