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The reduced speed limit in the safety controller ?

Hi guys,
I have some problem with safety controller. Sometimes in manual mode when i drive with 100% of a speed the error from safety controller pop up "90516: Safety Controller Reduced Speed violation. The reduced speed limit was exceeded in the safety controller for drive module 1". I've noticed that setting elbow offset that it match the elbow offset from robot controller make it better but still I have this situation once in a while. Do you know which other parameters from Safety configuration may affect this problem. I'm using SafeMove 2 btw. 

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  • I have this same problem.
    The tool in the motion command and the tool in SafeMove Basic are the same.
    (and it's not on a track)
    The Teach Mode Max Speed matched the speed in the safety controller (.25 m/s)

    I lowered the Controller's Teach Mode Max speed to .24 m/s as a test (as recommended in the 90516 error).

    I still get this in somewhat random spots despite the above.
    - Jay