SmartComponent JointMover doesnt properly read data

RafałRafał Poland, Cracow


I have a little problem with JointMover block. What I want to do is to connect an Analog Output signal from controller with Analog Input signal in SmartComponent. Then in this SmartComponent I'm using 'Converter' block to convert analog signal to AnalogProperty. Untill now everything is working. But then I'm connecting that AnalogProperty with specyfied joint in the JointMover block. When simlulation is running it seems like the JointMover doesn't get data from 'Converter'. What's more sometimes in SimulationWatch it is said, that JointMover has good data, but in design tab it has not. I'm not if I am doing something wrong, or it's myabe some kind of bug. I'm attaching screens to clarify what exctacly is wrong.

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