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Defect Report: GraphicControl.ProjectPointToScreen, RSSDK 6.05.01


I'm trying to use the GraphicControl.ProjectPointToScreen(Vector3) method to get the appropriate XY screen location of an object that has been selected in the graphics view, in my case a primitive sphere with local coordinate system at the center.

The function is always returning X=(1/2 graphics window width) or (1/2 graphics window width + 1) (determined by selected object on left or right half of screen) and Y=0.
I have confirmed the Vector3 point I am asking for is correct by using the GraphicControl.ExaminePoint() method, the view immediately focuses on my selected sphere.
I have also tried scaling the Vector3 by various factors of ten, and the results are different, but the desired screen coordinate is never returned.

Has anyone else experienced issues with this method?  Is there some kind of GraphicControl 'update' method i need to call before using ProjectPointToScreen?



  • Maybe I should have posted this to the developer forum?  If that is more appropriate perhaps a mod could move it for me?  Thanks!