Automatic Tool Change Spindle

JSkulski21JSkulski21 Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

I am currently working on setting up automatic tool changes for our PDS spindle.  The spindle is connected to an IRB 7600 robot.
I have created a smart component that contains the spindle, an attacher, detacher, a logic gate [not], and a logic sr latch.  I have set up the signals, bindings and connections based on a tutorial that I had found.  

The attacher and detacher work for imported geometries, however; it does not work for the tools that I am looking to pickup or place.
Any suggestions on how to attach tools as a child to the smart component, which is a tool. 
Do I have to make each tool that will be picked up or placed a smart object as well?
Is it possible to still access the tool data for the tools that I will pick up?
Any help on any of these questions would be greatly appreciated.


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