GUIDE: RobotStudio Network Licensing, SLP Distributor

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This is a brief guide on how to activate your RobotStudio Network License.

Further Guidance, RobotStudio Operating Manual Section 1.3.2:
Explore more in the library:

Download SLP Distributor:
SLP Distributor is distributed with RobotStudio and can be found in the following directory:\RobotStudio\Utilities\SLP Distributor\

Firewall Settings (TCP ports)
Web interface: 2468
Licensing: 8731
The installer opens these ports in the standard Windows Firewall, but any third-party firewall must be configured manually.

Activate a network license manually:
  1. Open the SLP Distributior website: http://localhost:2468/web
  2. Click on the Activation tab and then Manual Activation
  3. Enter the activation key and click "Submit"
  4. The request data should look like this:
    --BEGIN REQUEST--xxxxxxxxxxxx-- END REQUEST –
  5. Paste the request data in your favorite text editor and save it with the name and extension: request.licreqx
  6. Upload the request data file(.licreqx) to:
  7. A download link will appear, hit it and save the license file .bin
  8. Open up SLP Distributor and choose “Browse” under install License and choose the .bin file and hit install.

Reinstall SLP Distributor and flush licenses:
  1. Make sure the clock is synchronized.
  2. Download the latest SLP distributor version that is distributed with the
  3. Reinstall SLP distributor from the terminal:  'install.cmd -uninstall'
  4. Remove old keys: 'install.cmd -obliterate' (THIS WILL MAKE YOUR LICENSE INVALID!)
  5. Install The new SLP distributor: 'install.cmd -install'
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  • Thanks for this guide, my server just had a spasm and doing the reinstall as you described help :)
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    Troubleshooting guide

    RobotStudio .NET exception: An exception occurred during a request round-trip to the Distributor Service at: [...]
    • Please uninstall any previous installations of SLP Distributor from your server (Windows settings > Apps > Apps & features > Search for ”slp” in the list > Uninstall).
    • Remove the old licenses from the old server by removing the distributor registry key by running "regedit" to find the correct key and then right click on it to delete it:
      64 bits: (HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Inishtech\Slp Services)
      32-bits: (HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Inishtech\Slp Services)

      Or you can follow the instructions "Reinstall SLP Distributor and flush licenses" in the first post in this tread.
    • Install the latest SLP included with the latest official RobotStudio release.
    • Now you can try to activate the license and test the SLP Distributor service.

      If you get a "Number of activations exceeded" message when trying to activate SLP Distributor at this point, please send an email to [email protected], provide your activation key and ask for a rehost of your license.


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